Laughing at Ourselves

When we take ourselves too seriously, we can get into some serious mental drama.  I think pride is something that we all struggle with to a certain degree, but for anyone with any kind of impairment, pride can take over our daily lives pretty quickly.One way I like to guard against this is to laugh at myself.  Of course, there are times when certain incidents are so embarrassing that I can’t see the humor in them for quite awhile (i.e. that garage sale, speaker-selling incident from my last post!)  But there are other mishaps that I immediately find funny.  For instance….

I was at a neighborhood pool with some friends a few days ago, and I took my friend’s son, Luke, to go down the water slide.  As Luke climbed the ladder to the slide, I positioned myself at the bottom of the slide. I was a little nervous because the force of the water was pretty strong at the bottom– definitely strong enough to pull a little kid under.  Plus, the roaring sound of the water was deafening, and since I rely on my sense of hearing so much, I felt even more impaired.  Thinking that Luke’s turn to come down the slide was next, I placed myself directly at the bottom of the slide, ready to catch him.

What I failed to see 10 feet above me was that there was another, much larger boy in front of Luke.  So as my arms reached out to catch my friend’s little 5-year-old boy, I was shocked to find myself catching a teenage boy (although I doubt I was as shocked as he was by the look on his face.)

To make myself feel better, I thought about how I would rather be embarrassed nearly wrapping my arms around a 15-year-old than failing to catch my friend’s little boy!  (And for the record, the next time he went down, I had him yell down as loud as he could right before his turn!)


5 thoughts on “Laughing at Ourselves

  1. I, too, am laughing out loud at this, Joy. I so love how you find the humor in situations. Glad I found your blog. I have never heard of RP before reading about it on your blog. I’m so happy you and your sister are taking the time to write and share your thoughts and feelings. You are such an encouragement!

    • Thanks Kathryn! I’m really glad you found our blog and took the time to read it. Yes, a lot of people tell me they have never heard of RP, so I’m hoping that our blog not only helps encourage people w/ RP but also educates and encourages others w/o RP (and your comment gives me reassurance that it’s serving its intent!)

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